Sport Chek Case Study

Sport Chek wanted to create a digital kiosk for their flagship stores. These stores are unlike any other – they carry less stock and deliver more experience. Part of fulfilling their retail strategy consisted of using a digital kiosk that allows people to browse the entire Sport Chek catalogue.

The Podium is a 22" tablet mounted 4 feet away from the wall. Interactions consist of browsing 25,000 SKUs and purchasing any of them using an ‘anonymous’ shopping cart. It was the greatest design challenge I ever faced. Like their flagship stores, the kiosk is unlike any other: four screens mounted on a wall: one 75" flanked by three 32" screens. The first artifact I had my team create was a user flow. We needed to understand how people would go through the experience on each floor, from the moment they saw it to the moment they generated a PIN. It took us a few iterations just to design a wireframe template. We created over 500 wireframes in the end. Subcategory pages were stacked horizontally but the product filter and the UI to control the additional screens had to be included. The brand’s existing visual baseline was applied to the new form factor. We built a prototype using hardware and code, allowing us to test and iterate quickly. Product pages were divided into 2, with the primary screen taking the visual lead.